1994 Series Edit

Basic Sky Dancers Edit

The original line of Sky Dancers included a Sky Dancer doll and a themed launcher. Several of the dolls could later be found in two-packs with one launcher. The basic line of Sky Dancers included different launcher types: flower, jungle, moon, and sea.

Flower Launchers Edit

Jungle Launchers Edit

Moon Launchers Edit

Sea Launchers Edit

Deluxe Sky Dancers Edit

These Sky Dancers featured "Magic Rolling" bases that were significantly larger than the standard launcher.

Sparkle Shine Hair Edit

The Sky Dancers with "Sparkle Shine Hair" were released without launchers, but featured shining hair. These Sky Dancers were:

Fairy Flyers Edit

Fairy Flyers took a more whimsical approach to the Sky Dancers toy line, introducing flying animals into the series. Most of the Fairy Flyers also included a small pamphlet which had a short illustrated story inside. Included in the Fairy Flyers assortment are:

  • Babette with the story "Fairy Friends for Babette"
  • Charmella with the story "Charmella Touches the Clouds"
  • Prima with the story "Moonlight is for Dancing"
  • Skydream with the story "Skydream Welcomes a Magical Spring"
  • Tinybelle with the story "The Tiniest Sky Dancer"

In addition to single dolls, there were a number of two-packs released, most of which featured a Sky Dancer and a flying animal (usually a rabbit). Like the individual dolls, the two-packs also came with a short story. These two-packs include:

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers Edit

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers are Sky Dancer dolls that include a light-up spinner bases. When the Sky Dancer is launched into the air, the doll lights up at various points on her body. The Sky Dancers included in this assortment are:

Pretty Scent Edit

The Pretty Scent Sky Dancers included a doll that "smells pretty" along with a new base. The only two known Pretty Scent dolls are:

Rainbow Ribbon Edit

The Animated Adventures of Sky Dancers Edit

This series introduced three dolls based on the three protagonists of the Sky Dancers animated series. Although Jade and Camille were both previously made into doll form, this series marked the first time Angelica had been made into a Sky Dancer doll.

Special Edition Sky Dancers Edit

Several special edition Sky Dancers were released in the mid-90's to celebrate various holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. These Sky Dancers include:

  • Autumn the Sky Dancer from the "Halloween Magic" special
  • Candee the Sky Dancer from the "Holiday Sweets" special
  • Candy Cottontail the flying rabbit from the "Easter Surprise" special
  • "Circus Fun" which included two flying creatures - Daisy Dreamer the flying rabbit and Enchantra the flying pony
  • Cookie the flying dalmation from the "Dalmation Delight" special
  • Crystalina the Sky Dancer from the "Winter Fantasy" special
  • "Fantasy Bride" which included three Sky Dancers: Rose Petal, Joybelle, and Rose Blush
  • Hollyberry the Sky Dancer from the "Holiday Magic" special
  • Merrytoes the Sky Dancer from the "Stocking Fun" special

Flying Fairy Tales Edit

This wave of Sky Dancers featured characters from popular fairy tales. Each set came with two Sky Dancer dolls and a unique stand based on that particular fairy tale. This was the first time male characters were featured in a Sky Dancers set. The sets are:

Happy Meal Figurines Edit

Four miniature "spinning" Sky Dancers were created for McDonalds' Happy Meals in 1996. These Sky Dancers were significantly smaller than their larger counterparts, and could only spin on their base rather than fly in the air. The four Sky Dancers included in the Happy Meal selection are:


Kids Meal Figurines Edit

Three miniature Sky Dancers were also created for Burger King for their Kids Meals in 1997. Unlike the McDonalds' versions, these were slightly larger and depicted the three female leads of the Sky Dancers animated series:

2005 Series Edit

Sky Dancers & Friends Edit

Revived for 2005, these Sky Dancers were very similar to the original dolls. They consisted of Camille, Angelica, Jade, Radiance, Blossom, and Blaze.

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers Edit

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers return in the 2005 revival series. They appear similar to their 90's counterparts, both the launcher and doll light up, the doll's necklace and boots/heels light up when you lift her wing, the launcher lights up and plays music when you either press the button on the launcher or pull the string. The 2005 Pretty Lights Sky Dancers are

Dream Dancers Edit

Dream Dancers are a type of Sky Dancer introduced by Jakks Pacific. They are much more similar to traditional dolls than the original Sky Dancers. They are fully poseable dolls that include a base on which they spin around. The Dream Dancers are Windy, Starr, Petal, Rosie, Sandy, and Shelly. Jakks Pacific also created a line of clothes that the Dream Dancers could dress up in, featuring several different fashion styles. The Seaside Spa Salon is a playset intended for use with the Dream Dancers dolls.

2014 Series Edit

Sky Dancers were revived yet again in 2014, though found only in the United Kingdom. Four Sky Dancers are available: Angelica, Jade, Camille, and newcomer Jasmine. The three existing Sky Dancers are vastly different in appearance from their original concepts, the most prominent being Camille's skin color. It is unknown if the current Sky Dancers will be found outside of the UK.

2015 Series Edit

A second series of dolls were made in 2015, found in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and other international countries. Four new Sky Dancers were created for this set, all of whom are based on the four seasons: Springtime Rubia, Emerald Summer, Amethyst Fall, and Winter Diamond. In the United States, they were released in two packs (with only one spinner base) called the "Sunlight Set" and the "Moonlight Set."