1994 Series Edit

2005 Series Edit

Sky Dancers & Friends Edit

Revived for 2005, these Sky Dancers were very similar to the original dolls. They consisted of Camille, Angelica, Jade, Radiance, Blossom, and Blaze.

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers Edit

Pretty Lights Sky Dancers are Sky Dancer dolls that include a light-up spinner bases. While the bases light up, the Sky Dancers are similar to the traditional Sky Dancer dolls. The Pretty Lights Sky Dancers are Sierra on a butterfly, Alexis on a unicorn, and Madison on a mermaid.

Dream Dancers Edit

Dream Dancers are a type of Sky Dancer introduced by Jakks Pacific. They are much more similar to traditional dolls than the original Sky Dancers. They are fully poseable dolls that include a base on which they spin around. The Dream Dancers are Windy, Starr, Petal, Rosie, Sandy, and Shelly. Jakks Pacific also created a line of clothes that the Dream Dancers could dress up in, featuring several different fashion styles. The Seaside Spa Salon is a playset intended for use with the Dream Dancers dolls.

2014 Series Edit

Sky Dancers were revived yet again in 2014, though found only in the United Kingdom. Four Sky Dancers are available: Angelica, Jade, Camille, and newcomer Jasmine. The three existing Sky Dancers are vastly different in appearance from their original concepts, the most prominent being Camille's skin color. It is unknown if the current Sky Dancers will be found outside of the UK.

2015 Series Edit

A second series of dolls were made in 2015, found in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and other international countries. Four new Sky Dancers were created for this set, all of whom are based on the four seasons: Springtime Rubia, Emerald Summer, Amethyst Fall, and Winter Diamond. In the United States, they were released in two packs (with only one spinner base) called the "Sunlight Set" and the "Moonlight Set."

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