Art Rosemerry
Toy Appearances: Fairy Flyers 2-Packs
Happy Meal Toys

Rosemerry is a Sky Dancer from the Sky Dancers toy series.


Fairy Flyers Edit

Rosemerry appears in the Fairy Flyers assortment of Sky Dancers. Her color scheme is purple and pink with a flower pattern on her wings. She has a lavender hair color and she wears a purple tutu. Her launching base similarly has a flower pattern and pastel colors.

She was paired with the pegasus Sun Dancer in a two-pack. A short, illustrated story titled "A Wish Come True" is included with Rosemerry and Sun Dancer.

Happy Meal Toy Edit

Rosemerry was one of the four miniature spinning Sky Dancers included in McDonald's Happy Meals in 1996. She's the only pre-existing character to appear in the Happy Meal series. Her spinner is a purple tree stump with several roses lining the base. She wears a combination of green and yellow, and has pink hair. Flowers and hearts are strewn on her wings.

Rosemerry also appears in the commercial for the McDonald's Sky Dancers Happy Meal.[1]