First Appearance: The Sky's the Limit
Affilitation: Sky Clone
Species: Imp
Abilities: Detachable body,
Voiced By: Donna Daley

Jumble is one of the Imps working for Sky Clone. He has three eyes unlike his fellow imps who has two eyes

While Snarl takes over leadership and Muddle cracks jokes, Jumble is the one who tries to come up with the best plans. However, because he lacks a backbone, he doesn't push for his ideas, and instead allows Snarl to form plans.

On a trivial note, in the episode "The Sky's The Limit", Skyclone accidentally refers to Jumble as Muddle when Jumble asked Skyclone if it would be better if Skyclone showed his true power and defeated the Sky Dancers himself. Skyclone dismissively answered, "Oh, that's much too vulgar of a display, Muddle."