First Appearance: The Sky's the Limit
Affilitation: Sky Dancers
Species: Human
Abilities: Invisibility,
Voiced By: Kerry O'Malley

Jade is a Sky Dancer from the animated series. She has a classical dancing style, a variation of ballet, and has the ability to turn invisible. She is also one of the Sky Dancers from the animated series who was brought back for the 2006 relaunch of the toy series.


Jade came from a family of doctors. Only her mother, a professional ballet dancer herself, understood Jade's desire to dance. However, because of her mother's absence through most of her childhood, Jade felt a strong resentment towards her. It wasn't until later that she realized her mother was truly apologetic, and forgave her.[1] Jade also had difficulty first comprehending the existence of the Wingdom and the fact that she had supernatural powers. She was the last to discover her ability: invisibility. With this power, she is one of the stronger members of the Sky Dancers, able to attack Sky Clone up front rather than from afar. At one point, Jade becomes infatuated with another dancer, Rudolph Fareev, though he later turned out to be an enemy.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jade gained the ability to turn invisible from Queen Skyla after becoming a Sky Dancer. She most often has to twirl her body in order to turn invisible, and uses this ability to attack her enemies without worrying about retaliation.

Like all Sky Dancers and denizens of the Wingdom, Jade has the ability to fly using her wings.

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