“This is great! I'm going to be the world's youngest war correspondent!”
Caroline, Getting the Story

First Appearance: Getting the Story
Affilitation: High Hope Dance Academy
Species: Human
Abilities: None
Voiced By: Donna Daley

Caroline is a high school reporter who tried to interview the Sky Dancers, but ended up getting caught in the battle with Sky Clone. She first appeared in the episode Getting the Story.


During an interview with Breeze, Caroline was teleported into the Wingdom along with the rest of the Sky Dancers. Not able to comprehend the severity of their mission, Caroline continued to pester the Sky Dancers, trying to interview them and follow them throughout Sky Hive. She's soon captured by Snarl, Muddle, and Jumble and brought to Sky Clone. He planned to use her in order to get the Sky Swirl Stone from Queen Skyla. However, due to her incessant questioning, Sky Clone threw Caroline back at the Sky Dancers, free of charge. She later had her memory wiped by Skyla, though her infatuation with Breeze continued on.[1]

Much later, she joins in helping set up Slam's concert with Breeze and the other Sky Dancers.[2]